Photo of David

Hi! My name is David Martin.

I'm running for Ames City Council (Ward 3) in gratitude for all of the opportunities I've had in Ames over the past 50 some years.

The election is on Tuesday, November 7.

Background and Family

  • Born and raised in Ames
  • Attended Crawford Elementary, Welch Junior High, Ames High class of '83
  • Married 14 years to Steve Godfrey, an Episcopalian minister active in Des Moines (actually together 22 years; we married following Goodridge vs Department of Public Health while living in Massachusetts)
  • After living in Denver, Boston, Chicago, we chose Ames as our home

Values and Issues: Inclusivity

  Photo of David and Steve
  • Not every family looks like me and my husband!
  • Inclusivity gives opportunity to everyone and is infinitely renewable

Values and Issues: World Class Technology for Residents and Companies

  • Faster, cheaper, more secure, more reliable Internet is no longer merely an amenity; it's infrastructure
  • Ames should have incredible Internet service!
  • The city's use of new technologies will improve traffic flow, sidewalks, parking, and communications
  • 50 years from now, will we be saying we were ahead of the curve or behind it?

Values and Issues: Quality of Life

  • Great neighborhoods, parks, and the arts attract businesses, workers, and families
  • Upgraded sidewalks and trails promote healthy living and community interaction
  • Enrollment waves  translate into housing demand, but we need to serve this need without sacrificing the character of our neighborhoods

Education and Professional

  • Worked in software industry for over 35 years - starting in Ames
  • B.S. ISU, Mathematics, Computer Science, and German
  • Ph.D. in Computer Science from Boston University; my dissertation was on the topic of Internet privacy
  • Computer Science Faculty at U. Denver and U. Massachusetts Lowell, teaching Internet and Web protocols, security, and privacy
  • Founded David Martin Consulting, specializing in software forensics for the last 15 years